Our first 3BP paper is on line!

10 02 2012

The first of our two papers has been put on line! Because it is published under Open Access, anyone can see and download it. It is a very technical paper, but it provides new insights in the application of 3-bromopyruvate as a potential drug for the treatment of cancer.


Flow cytometric evaluation of the effects of 3BP and DCA on THP-1 cells: multiparameter analysis.


I will keep you informed about the status of the second paper, which is the case report about my son Yvar, using 3BP.  The paper is accepted for publication under Open Access and is in the process of proofreading.  This will be the first well documented case of 3-bromopyruvate treatment on  a human being.

Tomorrow,  the Dutch paper  “Volkskrant”  will have an article on the illness and treatment of Yvar with 3BP in the Science Section.

The case report is also on-line and freely downloadable:






New developments

9 01 2012

This is a remarkable day. Today two manuscripts have been submitted about the use of a new cancer medication, for which I have been doing research for 4 years now, in close collaboration with a large group of people. By doing this, I fulfilled a solemn vow to my child,  who was suffering from cancer and died, two years ago, despite the terrific effects of the medication: it was simply too late to save him.

My son requested me to take care that his story would get published in order to allow other people to benefit at an earlier stage from this revolutionary drug.

This blog will try to keep up with all developments around his story.

Stay tuned.