The making of the Bridge

23 07 2012

Yvar was a remarkable boy. One of his talents was the ability to bring together groups of dissenting people: he was able to bridge their dissents. In addition, he was obsessed with bridges. A project he did on basic school was to build a bridge from paper strips which was strong enough to hold 500 times its own weight. In the US of A, he was thrilled by the view of the bridge in New York: illuminated in the dark, with nice green accents on the construction.

In this post we will document how we managed to construct  a model of this bridge, which is now on his grave as a monument to remember his bridging talents.

First, we made a wooden mock-up.

When all the details, sizes were correct, we started to do the steel work. Ava was doing the heavy work, I was just supervising 😉



Back to the US of A!

22 07 2012

We are currently planning to go back to the USA and visit all the places Yvar has visited on his last trip in November, 2009. This has been triggered by the remarkable success of Ava in the Dutch KNRB rowing competition: together with her team mate Merle Niehe,  she has been selected to participate in the Dutch delegation of Minerva to the “Head of the Charles”, Boston, USA, 20 & 21st of October.

This will be a lot of emotiona

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l meetings with all the good people we met during our first trip, and all the places Yvar liked so much.