New developments

9 01 2012

This is a remarkable day. Today two manuscripts have been submitted about the use of a new cancer medication, for which I have been doing research for 4 years now, in close collaboration with a large group of people. By doing this, I fulfilled a solemn vow to my child,  who was suffering from cancer and died, two years ago, despite the terrific effects of the medication: it was simply too late to save him.

My son requested me to take care that his story would get published in order to allow other people to benefit at an earlier stage from this revolutionary drug.

This blog will try to keep up with all developments around his story.

Stay tuned.



18 09 2011

By now, I am ready to start blogging over here.

My first entry will be about the Korean martial art : Taekwon do.

And especially its tenets, with special attention to the fifth tenet:

Baek yul boolgul.

Korean language uses an Alphabet based script, called Hangul, introduced in the 15th century by king Sejong.


But back to the fifth tenet of Taekwondo:

Here it is in image:

fifth tenet of taekwondo


Its meaning is:

Indomitable spirit. (free  interpretation of the original teachings of Gen. Choi Hong Hi)

The state of mind a true defendant should have. The threats of your opponents are meaningless, you know how to defend yourself. All they brag about is to show their weaknesses, trying to impress, frighten you. A warrior with an indomitable spirit will remain unshaken by the bragging of his opponent, but more often, regains his strength by the obvious weakness of his enemy. An indomitable spirit will suffer blows, but always be able to regain strength, determination. Nothing can detract an indomitable spirit from its final aim: the utter destruction of his enemies.

First post

29 04 2010

This is my first post on my blog.


The name has been chosen to fulfill a promise I made two years ago.

I hope you will value my contributions.